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Move beyond your self-image, your past and your circumstances to discover who God created you to be.
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Learn not only how to live, but thrive as a child of God and a daughter of Eve—surrounded by the love and support found in small group study. Coming together in a small group to study Reclaiming Eve will help you embrace your identity as one reclaimed by Jesus Christ.X

This DVD and facilitator’s guide serve as a resource for thought-provoking commentary, discussion questions and challenges for moving forward.

This Small Group includes a facilitator’s guide and short videos that guide each session:

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Identity: Created in the Image of God
Session 3: Alliance: When Adam and EzerUnite
Session 4: Sisterhood: Loving One Another
Session 5: Wholeness: The Woman as Overcomer
Session 6: Healing: Restored in Community
Session 7: Growth: The Thriving Sister
Session 8: Restored: The Serving Woman

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Why Eve?

Book Summary

Who am I? Where do I fit in? Many of us face an identity crisis at some point. Adding to our confusion are mixed messages we get about what it means to be a woman of God—a daughter of Eve.

Authors Suzanne, Carla, and Jamie come together from different generations, backgrounds, and perspectives to investigate God’s intentions for us through the very first biblical account of woman, Eve.

Read solo or studied in a community of seekers with the Small Group DVD, Reclaiming Eve will help you reclaim, practice, and live into the identity that God has always intended for you.

Meet the Authors

“God never gave up on his original dream. Neither should we.”


Reclaimed Eves

Your Story

How are you reclaiming Eve?

Through the woman you are now becoming? In your marriage? Through friendships? Community? Service to others?


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“As God’s women, we are invited to link arms with our injured sisters and to be their strong helpers.”

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God never gave up on his original dream. And neither should we.

For when half of Christ’s body takes a seat on the sidelines, withholding their giftedness, the whole body limps.

God has a plan for each of his daughters, and we are defined by his intentions, not by our current circumstances.



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